Labrador Retriever Knows the Word 'Park' Oh So Well

Posted by Amber King
black lab

This Labrador can't contain his excitement!

Dogs and their owners don't speak the same language, but dogs have the incredible ability to pick up on what their owners are saying despite the barrier. They quickly learn the words "sit," "stay," and "do you want a treat," and the smartest pups extend their vocabularies even further.

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Judging by this Labrador's reaction, it's easy to tell that he knows exactly what the word "park" means. As soon as his owner asks him if he wants to go to the park, the black Lab erupts in excitement. He can't use words to answer his owner's question, but he finds another way to express his feelings.

The sounds that come out of the dog's mouth can't be described as a bark or even a whine. It sounds like a cross between a screech and a gurgle, but whatever it is, it gets his point across. Meanwhile, his owner can't help but laugh from the front seat.

Named the most popular dog breed in the country for the past 26 years in a row, Labrador Retrievers are known for being friendly and goofy. They make great companions who love spending time with their humans. Their easy-going temperaments are adored by everyone, and they make great additions for families with active lifestyles.

Does your Labrador like going to the park? Let us know in the comments.

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Labrador Retriever Knows the Word 'Park' Oh So Well