Lab Pup Born with Cleft Palate Saved from Euthanization by Vet Tech

Posted by Mateja Lane
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Bronson the chocolate Lab was born with a cleft palate, a genetic deformity that usually calls for euthanization. 

Luckily for Bronson his veterinary technician is a total softie when it comes to puppies with disabilities.

On April 29, 2015 a chocolate Lab was rushed into a c-section at Redditer vet tech 's clinic. One of the puppies was born with a cleft palate and the owners decided that euthanization was the best option. But then another vet tech suggested that kaffekalle may want the pup.

The rest is history, but a long and difficult history at best.


Puppies born with cleft palates have trouble suckling at the mother's teat and many, unfortunately, die of starvation if left to nature. Humane euthanization is usually the best option for dogs born with cleft palates. This particular puppy wasn't expected to live more than a few weeks so all this vet tech could do was make the pup's days more comfortable.

kaffekalle was up feeding the pup every few hours, even during the night, through a feeding tube. She was exhausted but the puppy was still alive.


Three weeks went by and it was easy to keep the pup by her side for feeding since kaffekalle worked in an animal clinic. She finally decided she should name her "little science experiment" since the outlook was looking positive. The pup was now called Bronson.

Bronson was inducted into the kaffekalle's big animal family.


Bronson continued to grow over the weeks. He loved having things in his mouth and would constantly suck on kaffekalle's fingers, a habit that many pups born with cleft palate will always have.


The puppy was becoming a normal, naughty puppy to the surprise of everyone at the vet clinic and especially to kaffekalle herself.


The ultimate goal for Bronson was to surgically fix his cleft palate. The surgeon was skeptical since Bronson suffered from a pretty bad case. His cleft went from his hard palate all the way back to his soft palate, but the vet would monitor Bronson's development to decide a good time for surgery.


kaffekalle diligently fed Bronson with the feeding tube filled with warm milk and some canned food.


Bronson still got to go to work with kaffekalle every day. He became the clinic's best employee.


Bronson was a high maintenance pupper to say the least but worth every minute.


The day came when Bronson would finally get the hole in his mouth surgically blocked. He was getting things stuck up there from "an ear plug, kitty litter, and desert tortoise sh$t."

It was time to get his genetic deformity fixed. It was a scary day for everyone but an exciting one too. Bronson would finally be a normal dog.


The surgery was successful; there are more graphic photos on kaffekalle's post.

Bronson is now a normal Labrador who can now safely put whatever he wants in his mouth. He can chew on rawhides, sticks, and hard kibble.

Thanks to his vet tech, Bronson is now living the good life with his big, caring family.

And what a rewarding journey it was!

O8lBorDAll images via kaffekalle/Imgur

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Lab Pup Born with Cleft Palate Saved from Euthanization by Vet Tech