LA Shelter Makes Wheelchairs for Disabled Dogs Training to Be Therapy Animals

Posted by Stacey Venzel
wheelchair dogs
All photos via Dharma Rescue.

The DAWGS are back in town.

Dharma Rescue, a Los Angeles-based disabled pet rescue, is fitting animals with customized wheelchairs as part of their new program, DAWGS (Disabled Animals Who Generously Serve).

Canines with only two working legs are being suited up and strapped into a set of wheels. Many of these dogs were abandoned by their previous owners who found caring for a handicapped pet to be too much. Some of the pooches' paralyzing injuries and diseases are new; some of them are old.

handicapped dogs

The dogs are being trained as therapy animals, visiting disabled and behaviorally impaired people in the surrounding area and at local schools.

"It is terrific and magnificent that they have a purpose in life, after they are hurt. They get the love but they actually deserve it," Chloe, a student, told CBS News.

The wheely pups offer up lots of love, and they get a great deal in return.

wheelchair dog

A single cart can cost upward of $500, which means Dharma Rescue relies on generous donations and the work of numerous volunteers. Click here to make a donation and give a dog a second chance at a life more whole.

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All photos via Dharma Rescue.

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