Korean Artist Jiran Turns Pet Portraits into Cute Tattoos

Posted by Krissy Howard

There are a wide variety of tattoo styles out there to choose from, and one Seoul, South Korea-based artist is bringing pet portraits to life with a cartoonish flair. 

Whether you're looking to honor a lost loved on with a tasteful black-and-gray portrait, or simply wish to immortalize your four-legged friend with a permanent display of appreciation, there are plenty of options out there for anyone looking to have their pet's likeness tattooed onto their body.

Seoul, South Korea-based tattoo artist, Jiran, is offering his clients something a little different and aims to keep things light, playful, and not without a burst of bright colors with his cartoon-inspired permanent designs.

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By keeping things simple, using thick linework and bright colors, the artist hopes to bring out the true, playful nature of his client's pets, and the outcome looks almost as if someone took to the skin with nothing more than a Sharpie and a fun sense of humor.

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Although not as traditional, some people have come to Jiran to help remember their departed furry friends with a memorial portrait, which just goes to show that there are a number of ways to grieve, honor, and carry the memory of those we've lost.

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His works, which feature images of a variety of animals, aren't limited only to pets, and his work is known for featuring wild animals in unconventional situations, including a bear playing drums, pigs riding horses, and this underwater birthday party scene.


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They may be different than what we're used to seeing inked onto skin but with those clean lines and saturated color, you probably won't be left regretting your decision should you get one, unlike these messy memorials.

To follow Jiran's work, you can check him out on Instagram @jiran__.

What do you think of this artist's work? Would you get a Jiran tattoo? Tell us in the comments below.

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Korean Artist Jiran Turns Pet Portraits into Cute Tattoos