Kora the 120-Pound Great Dane Somehow Got Herself Stuck in a Tree

Posted by Tori Holmes

Firefighters are used to receiving calls about cats stuck in trees, but we'll bet it's not too often they get a call about a dog stuck in a tree.

Kora the Great Dane from Nebraska found herself in a bit of a pickle when she got stuck in the 20-foot high branches of a tree.

Her owner has no explanation of her she got up there, but called the fire department after he realized she couldn't get down on her own.

Weighing in at 120 pounds, Kora was too heavy to be lifted out of the tree so the firefighters had to get creative. Securing Kora in a harness, the fire department used a long leash to lower her to the ground. A few feet before she reached the ground the harness broke, but thankfully a team was waiting with a tarp to cushion her fall.

If you think that Kora was shaken up by her experience, think again. After her great rescue, the pup sauntered back into the house like nothing happened!

We may never know what Kora was doing up in the tree, but maybe she was trying to see if she had any Catahoula Leopard Dog in her genes. While that breed may be able to climb trees, it's clear that Great Danes don't have the same gift.

From now on stick to the ground, Kora!

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Kora the 120-Pound Great Dane Somehow Got Herself Stuck in a Tree