Knitted With Love: Canine Fashion with a Heart

Posted by TF Oren
All photos courtesy of Knitted With Love via Viralnova

Never in her wildest dreams did Jan Brown think her knitting would change so many lives. 

In 2008, 52-year-old Brown, a mother in Seaburn, U.K., began knitting dog sweaters and coats to raise money for a local Greyhound rescue, The Greyhound Rescue Northeast shelter in Tyne & Wear. It started as a labor of love for a cause she was passionate about.

greyhound in silly hat

By 2012, however, that labor of love had blossomed into a booming business. She found herself flooded with orders for all manner of dog clothing from sweaters and coats to hats and neck warmers.

whippet in sweater

Brown became so successful, and her wares so in demand, she started her own business, Knitted With Love, and quit her day job to devote herself entirely to her knitting. She supplies stores and fills orders across the globe.

Brown now uses the proceeds from Knitted With Love to help shelters all across the U.K. When you order from Knitted With Love, not only will your pooch be the most fashionable one on the block, but you'll also be helping dogs in need.

greyhound in hat

You can learn more about Knitted With Love, and place an order for your own dog here.

All photos courtesy of Knitted With Love via Viralnova.

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Knitted With Love: Canine Fashion with a Heart