Kitty Comforts: Brooklyn Cat Cafe to Host Election Party

Posted by Mateja Lane
All photos via Brooklyn Cat Cafe/Facebook

In a night where cat cuddles may come in handy, the Brooklyn Cat Cafe is hosting a viewing party to watch the poll results come in. 

There is no denying that this election has been a stressful one. But what better way to take the stress off than to cuddle with cats?

The Brooklyn Cat Cafe is hosting a viewing party tonight of the election results. In addition to beer and snacks, the cafe will allow its dozen cats to roam free looking for laps to sit in. To break up the tension, they will also intermittently play cat videos on a projector.


The event will undoubtedly serve as a light-hearted take on an otherwise tense election season.

Anne Levin, president Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition runs the cafe and she just wants people to have a nice night regardless of the results.

"It's been kind of a traumatic election season," she said. "The cat cafe is a comforting place, kind of a zen environment."


If you live in or near Brooklyn, you have a wonderful event to attend tonight. The cafe's mascot Newt will also be there dressed as Wonder Woman because "Newt supports voting."

If you can't make it, they will be streaming their kitties live for you to watch at home.

All photos via Brooklyn Cat Cafe/Facebook

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Kitty Comforts: Brooklyn Cat Cafe to Host Election Party