Adventures of Tora and Saba: The Kittens Who Get Cozy in a Foot Warmer

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Images via kokonananya/Twitter

An electric foot warmer might not seem like the most exciting thing in the world, but these kittens are infatuated with their new bed. 

Meet kittens Tora and Saba. They're fluffy and adorable, and like all cats, they love to be warm and cozy. So when their owner brought home a new electric foot warmer, these kittens were intrigued. And when their owner started up the foot warmer? Well, the kittens climbed right in. And the results are absolutely adorable.

Kitten 1

I mean, look at them!

Kitten 2

This foot warmer is just for the cats, now.

Kitten 3Kitten 4

The cuteness!

Kitten 5

Foot warmers: The best sleeping spot ever.

Kitten 6

And it looks like the kittens aren't the only ones who appreciate being all warm and cozy.

How are these kitties so adorable?

You can't beat a warm bed.

Someone loves their cat bed!

Someone really loves their cat bed.

We're seriously in love with these adorable cats.

I mean, talk about adorable.

Think your cat would love an electric foot heater or heated blanket? These can be super warm and cuddly accessories to have around during the winter, but never leave your cat alone with them unsupervised.

Electric blankets and heaters have wires running through them, and if your cat chews or claws at the blanket, it's possible that he might bite through a wire, which could have disastrous consequences. Be sure to watch your cat carefully around any electric accessories.

If you want to give your cat a cozy place to sleep, a cat bed or even a microwavable heating pad might be a safer bet.

Images via kokonananya/Twitter

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Adventures of Tora and Saba: The Kittens Who Get Cozy in a Foot Warmer