Kitten Rescued from Dallas Zoo's Komodo Dragon Exhibit Surprisingly Unscathed

Posted by Mateja Lane

The kitten is now named Komodo. 

The Fort Worth Zoo had an exciting weekend when a kitten was rescued out of the Komodo dragon enclosure on Saturday. The little black kitten with an orange spot on its head somehow survived the large approaching lizards.

Komodo dragons hunt all kinds of smaller mammals in the wild and are known to also scavenge on carrion. They can sense a dead animal from miles away using its forked tongue to "smell" the air. But this little feral kitten made it out alive.

Dallas News

The zoo is unsure how the kitten made it into the carnivorous lizards' habitat, but there are known to be feral cat colonies surrounding the zoo.

After being rescued, the kitten was delivered to the Humane Society of North Texas and soon named Komodo for her feats.

"This feisty little girl was, luckily, unharmed; she is quite a survivor," the shelter said. "Now named Komodo, she is in foster care till she gets big enough for adoption."

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