Kitten Photo Shoots Might Be the Next Big Thing

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images via Storybook Moments via Facebook

Newborn photoshoots are all the rage, but one creative photographer may have discovered the next big trend with her adorable kitten photo shoots.

When Cassie Borcherding of Missouri adopted a stray kitten, she never knew that she would soon have a viral story on her hands. Borcherding, owner of Storybook Moments Photography, hadn't initially intended to keep the stray kitten. She already had four other cats in her house. But when Borcherding's four-year-old daughter Emma bonded with the kitten, it was clear that the kitten, named Elsa, had to stay. And this was where the kitten photo shoots began.

Many families welcome home new babies with newborn photoshoots, and Borcherding decided to do something similar, but with a bit of a twist. These awesome photos are the result of her creativity and photographic skill.

Elsa 1Elsa 2Elsa 3Elsa 4Elsa 5Elsa 6

Is there a cuter way to welcome a new furry addition to your family? I don't think so. Just imagine the reactions of friends and family when you send out a "birth announcement" including photos like these. Our pets are important members of our families, too, and their arrival deserves to be celebrated. Puppy and kitten photo shoots may quickly become the new trend for pet owners.

If you want to hold a puppy or kitten photoshoot of your own, it's best to work with a talented photographer like Borcherding. (And if you live in Missouri, definitely consider contacting Borcherding, since she's already proven that she can pull off an awesome pet photoshoot.) A professional photographer will know just how to capture photos that show off your pet in the best way possible.

When working with pets, you'll need to stay as flexible as possible. You never know how pets will react to scenery, outfits, or props, so while you can come up with some ideas for the shoot, remember that things may change based on how your pet reacts. Most of all, have fun, get creative, and capture some awesome photos.

What do you think of these sweet photos? Tell us in the comments below. 

All images via Storybook Moments via Facebook

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Kitten Photo Shoots Might Be the Next Big Thing