Texas Family Makes a Trip to the Donation Bin and Hears Desperate Meowing

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All images by Christy Tinsley Ilfrey via The Dodo

When his cries could be heard from inside a clothing donation bin, one Texas family acted quickly to save the life of a little kitten. 

When the Ilfrey family was heading to the beach they decided to make a stop along the way, dropping off some unwanted clothes in a donation bin placed in a parking lot nearby. As mother Christine Tinsley Ilfrey was just about to drop the bag of clothes into the bin, she heard the sad meows of a cat who had apparently been dumped inside. When she looked inside, she found a small, gray kitten who was later revealed to weigh less than one pound.

"There, scurrying along the metal floor, was a tiny gray kitten," Ilfrey said in an interview with The Dodo. "He was panicking. I called to my daughter and husband who were still inside our car, and they joined me at the bin."

The family knew they had to get the little guy out, but since it was a weekend they weren't able to reach anyone from the number printed on the bin. Their daughter, Sage, actually tried to convince them to lower her in so she could retrieve the kitty, but they feared she might get stuck too, and opted to call the Port Aransas PD instead.

kitten found in donation bin

They, in turn, called the fire department, and five firefighters worked to saw through the bolts that held the bin together until enough room was made to reach inside.

"One firefighter then reached deep into the bin," Ilfrey said. "A very tiny, very hungry gray furball emerged just as an officer from Aransas Pass Animal Control arrived. The entire rescue lasted less than thirty minutes."

As soon as the Ilfrey's laid eyes on the little kitten they knew they wanted to make him a member of their family, which includes three dogs and another cat. After a visit to the vet left him with a relatively clean bill of health, they named him Jones and took him home.

girl and rescue kitten

Little Jones is said to be settling into his new abode, and has found a special friend in the Ilfrey's dog Grover, who Jones snuggles with for daily naps!

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All images by Christy Tinsley Ilfrey via The Dodo

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Texas Family Makes a Trip to the Donation Bin and Hears Desperate Meowing