Kitten Interrupts Turkish Morning Show, Newscaster Continues Report

Posted by Stacey Venzel

A"surprise visitor" makes a cameo appearance on this Turkish Morning show, inadvertently bringing attention for stray cats.

A wayfaring kitty found its way into a Turkish studio this week, popping up from behind the anchor's desk mid-report.

The newscaster, unprepared for the unexpected guest, faltered only slightly in his reporting. He mentioned he had a "surprise visitor" and then continued reading the news.

When the cat walked over to him, the reporter did pause briefly to stroke the kitty while wrapping up the headlines. True to kitty form, the feline then proceeded to nap atop the warm laptop.

The camera crew, meanwhile, seemed to take more interest in the stray kitten than the reporting, zooming in on the furry vagabond.

At the end of the clip, it's pretty clear the reporter and cat are star-crossed besties for life. The reporter did make note that colder weather is approaching, so citizens should remember to feed the street kitties and let them inside for warmth.

The kitten reportedly snuck in through the studio door. Turkey is known for its many stray cats which have become beloved icons for the country. Istanbul even has a food-dispensing recycle bin for stray animals.

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Kitten Interrupts Turkish Morning Show, Newscaster Continues Report