Kitten Hit by Car Survives and Gets Full Body Cast

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Caring Fields Felines

Found clinging to life on the side of a road, this kitten was rescued by a Good Samaritan and is now recovering in the cutest medical outfit possible.

In July, Davey the kitten was found on the side of the road after being struck by a car. An unnamed passerby saw the cat struggling to survive and rushed the feline to rescue organization Caring Fields Felines in Palm City, Florida.


The rescue center works in conjunction with the donated efforts of Savanna Animal Hospital in Jensen Beach, Florida. The veterinary team worked hard to save little Davey.

Now, six weeks after the accident, the kitten is recovering in an artful full body cast to heal a fractured cervical vertebra.


While many rescue organizations and vet hospitals would have opted to put down an animal in such a serious condition, CFF and SAH teamed up to give this little guy a fighting chance.

Davey remains under watchful 24-hour veterinary supervision. He spends the day cooped up in the vet office and goes home at night with a vet tech. Keeping Davey immobile is imperative for complete and proper healing.


As if this story didn't warm hearts enough, Davey is also besties with Oakley, a three-year-old foster dog who willingly waits at the kitten's beck and call.

Davey is expected to have about one more month in the cast provided the remainder of his recovery goes according to plan.

All photos via Caring Fields Felines.

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Kitten Hit by Car Survives and Gets Full Body Cast