Kitten Chooses Own Name When Roommates Can't Decide

Posted by Krissy Howard
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After having the hardest time naming their new kitten, a few roommates decided to let him name himself.

The video starts with a list of ten possible names for the cat: Stonewall, Tyrl, Brett, Who Booty, Crow, Gurley, Mr. Cringleberry, Captain Snuggles, Fireball, and Bane. Next, each name was written on a slip of paper, which was placed next to its own little cup containing wet kitten food.

The cups were then placed in a circle, and the nameless kitty was released. For every cup he ate out of, the name was entered into a final round of names to choose from, which, to a person with no desire to understand sports, is exactly like a tiny version of the NBA playoffs (I'm guessing).

The nameless kitty chose his first pick wisely (i.e. he made a straight beeline toward the first cup of food his tiny eyes could see). The first name chosen was Gurley, then Stonewall, then Fireball. Brett would be added later after anarchy kitten shouted a big "F U" at the rules and interrupted his own final round to accidentally wander over and eat from the discarded names.

With his final four names selected, the kitten was released for the big reveal! He decided on Gurley, which was apparently vetoed by a roommate who does not understand that this ceremony is not about you, roommate! Hopefully, someone put ten bowls of pizza or Ramen in a circle with addresses of new apartments because that is just unacceptable.


After the nameless kitten was released again, he decided on Fireball, which everyone agreed was a good fit for the little guy.

How did you name your pet? Tell us in the comments!

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Kitten Chooses Own Name When Roommates Can't Decide