Kitten Challenges Turtle, One-Sided Battle Ensues

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Who will win in the battle of kitten vs. turtle?

It's a battle of epic proportions. A fight that appears to be one-sided. A kitten reveals to us her master fighting capabilities; the turtle could care less.

No amount of capoeira can get the attention of this turtle. He seems to be on a mission to head for the wall and remains unimpressed with the kitten's fighting dance moves.

The turtle had just returned from a walk outside when the kitten spotted him crawling across the floor, passing toy Army tanks and table legs, headed in the direction of the kitten's hiding place under the chair.

Watch this kitten stalk, bound and leap this determined turtle! They might benefit from some couples counseling.

The turtle might not have been impressed, but were you? This kitten performs quite the balancing act on two legs. Did you see that hopping left hook? This kitten must be part kangaroo, part Muhammad Ali.

As for the turtle? He is committed to the adage, "slow and steady wins the race."

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Kitten Challenges Turtle, One-Sided Battle Ensues