Kitten and Dalmatian Adorably Educate Humans About Checking Skin Spots

Posted by Stacey Venzel

French skincare company employs adorable furry couple to promote skin cancer prevention.

If ever there was a commercial that garnered our attention, it's this one. A black kitten and Dalmatian teamed up with La Roche Posay, a French beauty product line, to show humans how to properly check their bodies' spots for skin cancer. What better creature to portray this than a spotted one?

Add in a kitten and set the scene with an oldies doo-wop, and this commercial is pure genius.

As Art Director Jean-Michel Alirol simply stated, "It was always a bit tricky showing naked people looking at their skin. It was often unsettling. We preferred an analogy, showing animals."

And apparently so does the public. The "SkinChecker" video is being shared left and right on social media pages.

Launched in May during Skin Cancer Awareness Month, the kitten scans the Dalmatian's body in specific regions where skin cancer is most common or most often unchecked. These "spots" include behind the ears, on the scalp, under the breasts, between the toes, under the arms, and between the buttocks.

The ad's slogan kicks off the cuteness with, "If you care for somebody check their spots." Remember to check your animals for lumps and bumps, too. While many might be benign tumors, like lipomas or adenomas, others could develop into cancerous cells.

Animals, too, can be diagnosed with melanoma, affecting their pigmented skin cells. Because pets tend to mask their pain or discomfort due to basic survival instincts, it is important that owners remain vigilant not only to their pet's behavior but also anatomical abnormalities.

This isn't the first time La Roche Posay has hired Dalmatians for skincare campaigns. In case one video wasn't cute enough, check out this behind-the-scenes look at the dog training and film magic for these video productions. Warning: There are puppies. Many puppies.

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Kitten and Dalmatian Adorably Educate Humans About Checking Skin Spots