This Kitten Actually Wants to Stay in the Bath

Posted by Samantha Bubar

If you thought all kittens hated water, think again!

Have you ever had a long day where all you want to do is soak in a nice, soapy warm bath? This tiny white kitten understands.

Not only does she understand, she also lets her owner know, with squeaky protests, that she wants back in.

"Please, sir. Leave me alone to bathe like the royalty I am. Or get me a towel. The choice is yours."

Now, while this kitten loves the refuge of her warm bath, try this at home with caution. Not all kittens love water quite this much and, depending on your kitty, you might end up with battle scars. Make sure that if you do decide to bathe your cat, that you dry and warm them afterwards.

For very young, very small kittens, it is very important to keep them dry and warm. Regular bathing is actually unnecessary. Try spot cleaning with a warm damp washcloth instead, or check out these tips, here.

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This Kitten Actually Wants to Stay in the Bath