Kids Find Injured Beagle While Playing Pokemon Go

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When three kids set out to play Pokemon Go, they found much more than just Pokemon during their walk. 

The news is currently filled with negative stories arising from people playing Pokemon Go. There are people who have crashed vehicles, fallen over pets, and even trespassed onto private property in attempt to catch the elusive rare Pokemon. At first glance, the fact that the game has prompted millions of adults and kids, alike, to walk all over the place while staring at their phones is alarming. But the game has an underlying benefit.

In Harlan County, Kentucky, playing Pokemon Go has contributed to the rescue of a severely injured Beagle. Brothers Hunter, Ethan, and Tanner Thomas were taking a walk one evening to capture Pokemon, accompanied by their mother, Elizabeth.

As they neared the railroad tracks near their home, they came across a Beagle in desperate need of help. The Beagle had been shot, and was missing part of his tail and part of his ear. Take a look at this video for more details.

Luckily for the Beagle, Elizabeth is a nurse and put her skills right to use, cleaning and bandaging the wounds and caring for the Beagle through the night until he could be brought to a veterinarian the next day. The dog made it through the night, and under professional veterinary care it looks like he's going to make a recovery. The Beagle has a new name, too - Ash Ketchum, after the main character in the Pokemon series.

While the Pokemon Go craze has certainly resulted in some negative events, it's also contributing the discovery and rescue of animals in need, like Ash. Had the boys and their mother not been out for a walk that night, Ash likely would not have survived. As long as users play responsibly, Pokemon Go could contribute to more of these rescue stories in the future.

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Kids Find Injured Beagle While Playing Pokemon Go