Kentucky Goats Escape Parade, Overnight Chase Ensues

Posted by Stacey Venzel
River City News/Facebook

Covington, Kentucky's inaugural farmer's market parade was interrupted when seven goats jumped out of line, causing a 24-hour epic chase.

The goats must have felt left out over the Kentucky Derby weekend. They took it upon themselves to gain international media attention in a goat versus man showdown.

A "Running of the Goats" ceremony was intended to take place. Forty pedestrians volunteered to contain the goats by blocking any exits with their bodies, but the goat containment was short-lived.

Mere seconds into the excursion, a goat found a hole in the human barrier, and six others followed suit. The chase led to dozens of entertaining videos of locals trying and failing to secure the rampant caprines.

Local media channels took to live-streaming the progress of the chase, worthy of World's Wildest Police Videos. Forget car chases--Goat chases are the new primetime entertainment.

The ungulates bolted down busy streets and sprinted through neighborhoods. Police officers walked the boundaries of a Covington park the next morning and eventually discovered two of the escapees contently snoozing on the lawn.

All of the goats were finally captured 24 hours after their initial unscripted Houdini performance.

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Kentucky Goats Escape Parade, Overnight Chase Ensues