Texas Animal Rescue Needs Help Immediately, Reaches out on Facebook

Posted by Amber King
dogs trapped in flooded kennels in Texas
Facebook/Kevin Miller

As the water continues to rise, Texas animal shelters need your help.

Tall Tails Animal Rescue outside Houston, Texas fights on a daily basis to help the stray animals roaming the city's streets. They take in rescues that have been abandoned, abused, and neglected, and the lives they've saved are once again at risk.

As Hurricane Harvey pummels Northeast Harris County, their kennels are filling with water. The rescue's president, Keven Miller, sent out a desperate plea on Facebook asking for help. As flood waters reached record highs, the dam located north of the shelter was opened. Tall Tails is located outside of the Harvey danger zone, and until Sunday night, all animals and people were safe. But when the dams were opened, more than a foot of water took over their small outdoor kennel. The rain is still falling, and meteorologists expect the flooding will get worse before it gets better. Miller said on Facebook:

"We've got to go and we've got to go now!"

The pictures he posted show the rescue animals trapped in their flooded kennels. Large dogs stand in the brown water that comes up to their chests while small dogs and cats seek shelter by climbing anything in reach. The cattery was completely flooded Monday afternoon, and all the cats needed to be transferred to dry ground. But with limited resources due to the storm, the animals at Tall Tails Animal Rescue are in a life-threatening situation.

After asking on social media for people with boats to come help, some of the animals have been safety transported to a nearby field. But with about 30 dogs still trapped in the flood water, the rescue boats have ceased. An update on the situation said:

"Our Rescue Partners in Houston have never EVER turned their back on any animals in need and today they have been disgraced when the boats turned around and refused to help all of the animals in the Medical boarding compound."

Emergency personnel are threatening to turn the dogs loose to fend for themselves because there are simply not enough people and not enough resources to help. Tall Tails is refusing to abandon their animals, and they're looking for any solution to save their lives. They said;

"Break down the damn door, break the windows, ram through the gates and help save lives PLEASE. We are offering a $3,000 reward if you can get the dogs out PLEASE HELP. These dogs will be dead in the next few hours."

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If you're in the Houston area and able to help, contact Kevin Miller on Facebook. If you don't have a boat, you can still help by temporarily fostering the animals while the shelter is under water.

Their address is 413 Speights Loop Road. Innocent animals will be there waiting for their heroes.

They will also need help in the aftermath. You can make a Paypal donation to [email protected] or send supplies to:

Tall Tails Animal Rescue
PO Box 1995
Baytown, TX 77522


All the dogs, including the 20 left behind, have been rescued. Along with all the cats and dogs are four pigs.

Can you help these animals? Let us know in the comments below.

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Texas Animal Rescue Needs Help Immediately, Reaches out on Facebook