Keep Your Chicken Safe with a Reflective Jacket

Posted by Tori Holmes
Reflective chicken jackets | Wide Open Pets
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Clothing for pets has grown in popularity due to its style and safety benefits, but, for the most part, products have been limited to cats and dogs. That has changed!

What if you want to keep your free-range farm animals safe while they're wandering your property?

The team at Omlet addressed this gap in the market by developing a line of reflective jackets for chickens. With the number of people both in the country and the city keeping chickens as pets, they knew that owners would be interested in a product that would keep their feathered friends safe while outdoors.

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Omlet's high-visibility jackets are made of a breathable, showerproof material and have a quilted, insulate lining. Each jacket also has an adjustable Velcro fasten and wide reflective strip.

The product was designed not only to increase chicken's visibility but also to provide extra warmth to those that have lost feathers or just do not fare well in colder temperatures.

Today, Omlet's chicken jackets are available in four snazzy designs. The original jackets come in solid pink and yellow, but chickens that more concerned with style than visibility can try the camouflage and tweed patterns.

Camo Chien Jacket | Wide Open Pets

One thing owners should keep in mind, though, is that since the jackets are lined they will need to be removed when the chicken is not outside or they could overheat.

Stay safe out there, feathered friends!

Images via Omlet

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Keep Your Chicken Safe with a Reflective Jacket