'Kedi': Beautiful New Documentary Follows Seven Stray Cats in Istanbul

Posted by Paige Cerulli

A new documentary which follows the lives of stray cats in Istanbul looks to be a moving and eye-opening account of the lives of strays.

If you head into any city, you're likely to come across some stray cats. Stray and feral cats learn to live without the pampering or care that pet cats receive each day. Strays tend to be resourceful and independent - they have to be in order to survive.

Now, "Kedi," a new documentary directed by Ceyda Torun and produced by YouTube Red and OSCILLOSCOPE LABORATORIES, chronicles the lives of stray cats, from a cat's eye view, in Istanbul, Turkey, and it looks to be a beautiful film.

"Kedi" follows seven stray cats, documenting their daily lives. Strays are not an unusual sight in Istanbul; the streets are populated with thousands of cats. These strays have learned to live right alongside people, even in the bustling streets and amidst mechanical development.

Take a look at this beautiful trailer for "Kedi" that all cat lovers will appreciate.

"Kedi" will be in theaters on February 10, 2017. You can visit the film's official website for more information. If the trailer is any indication, then we suspect that you'll find yourself quickly falling in love with the Turkish cats portrayed in the film.

We may not be able to do much to help Istanbul's street cats, but this film is a great way of raising awareness to the plight of feral and stray cats worldwide. Want to help stray cats? Now is the perfect time to build a shelter to help keep outdoor cats warm this winter.


You can also volunteer at animal shelters, help with advocacy and education efforts, and assist programs which trap, neuter, and release cats. Try contacting your local rescue to see what efforts they need help with.


"Kedi" has just been named as the leading film for the second annual Critics' Choice Documentary!

"The inaugural event last year was such a fantastic night, we cannot wait to celebrate the leading lights in the doc world at our second annual event," said BFCA president Joey Berlin. "This is a golden age for documentary filmmaking and nonfiction television and we're proud to help audiences find the best of the best."

The winner will be announced Thursday, Nov. 2 at the event in Brooklyn, New York.

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'Kedi': Beautiful New Documentary Follows Seven Stray Cats in Istanbul