Kayaker Finds Bag of Puppies in the Blackstone River

Posted by Jason Sarna
abandoned puppies
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Police are searching for the person who left a bag of puppies in Uxbridge, Massachusetts over the weekend.

According to WCVB 5, the six puppies were found by a kayaker in the Blackstone River on Sunday. Police said the animals were tied up in a grain bag and left for dead.

The Uxbridge Police Department first learned about the puppies after receiving a call reporting animals found by a kayaker. An animal control officer responded to the scene and took possession of the puppies.

"They are all doing well, considering the circumstances, and we believe they will all survive," police said.

With the puppies now safe, the Uxbridge Police Department needs help identifying the person responsible for abandoning the animals.

"If you have any information that could lead us to the low life that could commit such a heinous act, contact Officer Benjamin Smoot at Uxbridge PD," the department wrote in a statement. The Uxbridge Police Department main line is (508) 278-7755.

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Kayaker Finds Bag of Puppies in the Blackstone River