Katie the Chillest Great Dane Gets Ready for Her Favorite Holiday

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Katie the Great Dane knows just how to get into the Christmas spirit, and she's ready for her favorite holiday. 

Check out Katie the Great Dane. This dog knows just how to get into the Christmas spirit, and she makes for one awesome photo op at the same time.

Katie's quite proud of the giant wreath adorning her neck, and is so comfortable on her lounge chair that she just doesn't want to move.

Some sun, a comfy chair, and a few Christmas decorations? Katie has celebrating the holidays down.

While your dog might not be as thrilled to hold up a wreath as Katie is, there are still many ways that your dog can take part in Christmas celebrations. Start by setting up a fun photo shoot to get some great holiday photos of your dog. You might bring your dog to meet Santa and get a photo taken - keep an eye out for local pet stores offering photos with Santa for pets.

You can always create your own fun holiday scene using your Christmas tree, some Santa hats, or other Christmas decor.

When you're making Christmas cookies, think about making some fun treats for your dog, too. There are lots of recipes out there for healthy, homemade dog treats.

And when you're making your shopping list, be sure that you include some presents for your pup. There are tons of great gift ideas out there that your dog is sure to love. Your dog may even want to help with the unwrapping on Christmas morning. Just be sure to keep a close eye on him so that he doesn't eat any wrapping paper or tape.

We wish you and your dog a wonderful holiday season!

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