Kansas Second Graders Help Homeless Dog Get Needed Surgery

Posted by Krissy Howard

When a classroom full of kids heard about an injured dog, they came together to help him get the medical care he needed. 

Things weren't looking very good for Ryker the dog. Homeless and recently hit by a car, the Australian Shepherd arrived at the Helping Hands Humane Society, located in Topeka, Kansas, with a broken hind leg.

Around the same time, the 2nd grade class of Trisha Sharp, a teacher at Shawnee Heights Elementary School, was reading a story about a wounded sheepdog. When the class heard about Ryker, they decided to do something to help.

Working together, and with the help of their community, the class was able to raise $450 to help the injured pooch in need. Combined with additional online and in-person donations, Ryker's medical fund reached an impressive $1,500, which was actually more than he needed, allowing leftover money to help other animals in need.

"We have done two emergency surgeries this week in addition to Ryker's surgery yesterday, including the removal of a huge bladder stone from a small breed dog who will feel so much better now," HHHS stated in a Facebook post.

"Your support ensures that we can continue to offer the best possible care to the homeless animals of Shawnee County!"

Both Sharp and the community could not be more proud of the group of young ones who stood up to do the right thing when they saw an animal in need.

"These kids are amazing, a lot of them emptied out their piggy banks at home and just brought us all this money so it's amazing," Sharp told KSNT.

Ryker is now in a loving foster home where he will recover from his injuries and should soon be available for adoption.

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Kansas Second Graders Help Homeless Dog Get Needed Surgery