Kaley Cuoco Meets the Peeps Foundation Miniature Horses

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Kaley Cuoco spent some time with horses a little smaller than those she usually rides. Cuoco met the Peeps Foundation horses, and we're a little jealous!

Kaley Cuoco, equestrian and actress from "The Big Bang Theory," recently spent some time with horses a little different from the jumpers that she usually rides. Cuoco took some time out of her busy schedule to visit with miniature horses from The Peeps Foundation.

Smushy the horse took a particular liking to Cuoco, and with their similarly-styled hair, these two made quite the pair!

It looks like Cuoco had a great time visiting with these miniature horses, and who wouldn't? They're totally adorable! And isn't it any horse lover's dream to be in a field, surrounded by minis?

The Peeps Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing miniature horses and finding them forever homes. The foundation specializes in working with minis with dwarfism, who often have special-care needs that standard-sized miniature horses do not.

It's important work. Miniature horses may be small, but they require care that can be just as costly as their full-sized counterparts. Vet bills and farrier bills for miniature horses are the same as what you would pay for a full-sized horse, so it's important that minis find homes capable of affording the care that they need.

The idea for The Peeps Foundation began in 2014 when Josh Dolan and Alex Granato happened upon a farm with neglected miniature horses while on the way to a horse show. The two discovered that there were about 60 minis in a field, all in rough shape. One of the minis had dwarfism.

Alex and Josh called Animal Control, but no one was able to make contact with the property's owner. In a last-ditch attempt, Alex and Josh left a note with their contact information, and the owner called them later that night. The owner offered to sell them the minis at a good price. So, Alex and Josh bought 19 minis, nursing them back to health and rehoming many of them. Alex and Josh rescued a total of 35 minis.

One of those minis was the mini with dwarfism. They named her Peeps, and she now serves as a mascot for The Peeps Foundation.

If you're interested in adopting a mini horse from The Peeps Foundation, you can fill out an application here. Be sure to visit the foundation's website to learn more about these adorable miniature horses!

Tell us what you think of this visit in the comments below!

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Kaley Cuoco Meets the Peeps Foundation Miniature Horses