K9 High Jumping Dogs Catch Serious Air

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Don't try to fence these dogs in - these high jumping dogs must have springs on their feet to clear some of these obstacles. 

Did you know that K9 high jumping is a sport? High jumping dogs compete over a single fence in order to determine which dog can jump the highest. The fence's height is gradually raised as dogs are eliminated, with the prize going to the dog who's the last still in the competition.

High jumping requires strength, agility, and skill on the dog's part, since these fences get really, really tall.

The video below provides a look at some high jumping dogs doing what they do best - clearing a really tall jump. You can see just how much the dogs love what they do, and how excited they get before they go to jump.

Take a look at these awesome dogs - you're sure to be impressed!

These dogs are jumping two or even three times their height. Can you imagine trying to keep them in a fenced-in yard? You'd need a really high fence to keep them from simply jumping out.

If you'd like to get your dog involved in high jumping, then it's best to learn from someone who's already involved with the sport. You won't want to start training your dog to jump when he's too young. Remember, each jump results in serious concussion on your dog's joints, so it's important that he's mature before you start asking him to clear obstacles.

When you do progress to training your dog to jump, use a fence which is designed specifically for high jumping dogs. The poles of the fence need to be lightweight and they should fall down easily to keep your dog from getting hurt in case he hits them.

Good luck with your high jumping dog!

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K9 High Jumping Dogs Catch Serious Air