The Justice League Becomes the Pupstice League and Is Better with Dogs

Posted by Mateja Lane
pupstice league

"We have battled against the forces of injustice our entire lives."

I mean, this may be true for the Justice League...but these pets are also ready to help before the world is plunged into chaos.

Meet the dog versions of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg in the spoof "PUPSTICE LEAGUE," which arguably looks better than the real movie.

In one of the greatest spoofs we've ever seen, the dogs become the superheroes in this Lootcrate-produced trailer. Lootcrate is a monthly subscription box of nerdy pop culture and comic book gear, from Marvel to Star Wars to Star Trek, and their November theme is Justice League.

So, the best way for Loot Crate Studios to announce that, of course, was with dogs. From bailing on bath time to protecting the household from intruders, these pups are ready to fight the bad guys and the erm... vacuum cleaner with their "wiener dog speed" and precious fetch skills.

The Pupstice League unites to save the day in this parody trailer. And there are some famous voices that you might recognize! Ross Marquand from "The Walking Dead" is the voice of Batpug, Stephen Kramer Glickman from "Storks" voices Aquadog, Cybork, Alfred, and Superbub, Todd Haberkorn, whom you might recognize from "Dragon Ball Z," is the voice of The Fluff, and Michele Specht from "Star Trek Continues" is Wonderpup. The dogs' owner is played by Jennifer Wenger. 

Wondering why it is such a well-produced spoof? Well, this short teaser had a pretty famous director- Julian Higgins who wrote "Deadpool: The Musical."

The real "Justice League" film by Warner Bros. was released recently to lukewarm reviews. It is still currently in theaters. In our opinion, Hollywood should just recreate the movie with these superhero pups. We will definitely go watch that one.

What do you think of the super dogs of the Pupstice League? Tell us in the comments. 

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The Justice League Becomes the Pupstice League and Is Better with Dogs