Goats of Anarchy Takes in Goat Used for Entertainment at Party

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Goats of Anarchy has another new rescue, baby Grace.

Leanne, founder of Goats of Anarchy, just added another kid to her crew.

Saving Grace

On September 10, a group of Fayetteville, Arkansas High School boys rented a goat for a party. The boys then posted videos and photos on social media of the party.

The videos show baby Grace with a rope around her neck, cowering in the corner of a backyard. Meanwhile, the boys sit at a picnic table drinking, smoking, and bragging that they rented her for $10. The videos then show them smashing full cans of beer off her head at full force.

Several students have come forward and made statements reporting that the boys came to school the next day boasting about the previous night.


The photos show them posing with the goat, and other posts from the boys on their social media describe them feeding her beer and cigarettes. The boys mention that at one point Grace started having seizures and joke in text messages that they were surprised the goat was even alive.

But then Grace made it to Goats of Anarchy.

Her Arrival

Grace arrived to Leanne emaciated and coughing and wheezing. A vet rushed to see Grace the next day and rated her health a 1-2 out of 9. Both her eyes were scratched, she was infested with lice, and she had an upper respiratory infection.


When the incident was reported to Fayetteville police's school resource officer, they refused to pursue a full investigation because the owner said she was "fine" upon arrival. Upon arrival, her ear promptly got a hole punched in it and she was marked as livestock.

According to Sgt. Craig Stout, "the facts of the case did not meet the threshold of animal cruelty," since felony law in Arkansas for animals only includes dogs, cats, and horses.

What Now?

Leanne has been working to obtain evidence and statements while created a Change.org petition to get the justice Grace deserves. Within 10 hours, the petition had over 10 thousand signatures.


Leanne has been encouraging her Goats of Anarchy followers to continue to behave peacefully, sign the petition, and share baby Grace's story.

Grace is putting on weight and improving daily. However, the petition has the following goals:

  • Reopen the investigation in Arkansas to file proper charge.
  • Investigate the police for failure to pursue criminal prosecution.
  • Investigate the prior owner for any other animals in his possession.
  • File charges for the illegal filming of animal torture for entertainment
  • Appropriate action based on Fayetteville Public Schools Athletic Participation Packet (many of the students are athletes and their actions violate a number of items in the Athletic Code of Conduct)

YOU Can Make A Difference!

Leanne encourages peaceful involvement. First, sign and share the petition. You can also send letters to the appropriate officials. Then, send the petition to everyone you know. Together we can make a difference!

All images via Goats of Anarchy Facebook.

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Goats of Anarchy Takes in Goat Used for Entertainment at Party