Judge Judy Lets Dog Loose in Court to Find Its Real Owner

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Confronted with a case of undetermined dog ownership, Judge Judy knew just who to turn to to clear the issue up: The dog. 

Animals rarely appear in court. After all, it's difficult for them to be able to testify, seeing as they can't speak. But when confusion arose about who was the rightful owner of a dog, Judge Judy brought the dog himself in to settle the issue.

The episode, which originally aired in 2012, concerns the ownership of a dog named Baby Boy. The woman who was in possession of the dog insisted that she bought him from someone selling pets on the street. Another man claimed that he owned Baby Boy, and that the dog had been taken from him and illegally sold to the new owner without his knowledge. He wanted Baby Boy back.


Without evidence to settle the case in one way or another, Judge Judy figured that Baby Boy would give her all the proof she needed. She instructed a woman to carry the dog into the courtroom, then to put him down.

You need to see what happens next.

It's incredibly clear who Baby Boy's rightful owner is, and the judge agrees, sending the dog home with his original owner.

But the case brings up an important point: How vital it is to get your pet from a reputable source. You assume a bit of risk when you buy a pet from a private seller, such as from someone you find on Facebook or Craigslist. Not only is the ownership of the pet in question, but you may also not have detailed information about the pet's breeding, past, health issues, and even vaccination history.

If you decide to add a pet to your household, your best bet is to either adopt a pet from a shelter or purchase one from a reputable breeder with an excellent reputation.

What do you think of Judge Judy's decision to let the dog determine his rightful owner? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Judge Judy Lets Dog Loose in Court to Find Its Real Owner