Josh Norman's Horse and 13 Others May Be in Need of New Home

Posted by Allie Layos

Bit O' Luck Horse Rescue in Huntersville, North Carolina houses both rescue and boarded horses, including one very high-profile resident named Delta -- the personal horse of Panthers cornerback, Josh Norman.

But Delta and the other horses are now in need of a new place to call home, and the rescue's founder, Greg McCormack, hopes Panthers fans and horse lovers everywhere will help them find it.

The rescue has leased about 100 acres of the family-owned farm in Huntersville since 2011, but the lease is now up, and the property will soon be sold, leaving the rescue group struggling to find a place to move ten rescue horses and four boarded horses, including Delta.

In an interview with WSOC-TV, McCormack said that he hates to leave the Huntersville property.

"Well, look at the place," he said. "Even Josh (Norman) says this place is just amazing."


McCormack told WSOC-TV that Norman even brings other Panthers along to the rescue as a getaway, because it's so peaceful. He hopes that Panthers fans and horse lovers will help the rescue find a new property to lease or buy.

"We make a commitment to all of these horses that we'll take care of them for the rest of their lives when they come into the rescue," McCormack said.

Bit O' Luck has begun a Go Fund Me campaign to help raise money for a new property.

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Josh Norman's Horse and 13 Others May Be in Need of New Home