Josh Gad Had a Rough Time Riding His Horse on the Set of "Beauty and the Beast"

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josh gad on beauty and the beast set

Josh Gad had a rough start to horseback riding on the set of "Beauty and the Beast."

While his costar Luke Evans just hopped right into the saddle, Josh Gad had a harder time making his horse cooperate on the set of "Beauty and the Beast."

Gad stars as LeFou in the new live version of "Beauty and the Beast" and in the film must ride a horse. Luke Evans, playing Gaston, requested the same horse that he rode while filming "The Hobbit" and the two worked well together, starting up as coworkers and mutual friends right where they left off.

And while Evans and his mount seemingly made it look easy, Gad had a harder time riding his difficult horse, aptly named Buddy.

LOS ANGELES - MAR 02: Josh Gad arrives for the "Beauty and the Beast" World Premiere on March 2, 2017 in Hollywood, CA

Joking with WENN about the naughty horse who was supposedly a movie star, he said:

"They told me my horse was trained for this movie, but I believe they found it in the wilds of England."

Gad went on to say that even the trainer was embarrassed about how the horse wasn't complying with even the simplest of requests.

"Our first entrance, Luke and I are walking into the village on our horses and on 'action' all our horses need to do is walk side by side; it's so simple. Luke's horse does it. The two of them worked on The Hobbit together and had this incredible background. Mine is a cold-blooded killer! He preceded to moon walk, walking backwards. I didn't know it was possible but he ran through multiple extras, through pillars. I heard 'cut' and lots of laughing from the horse's trainer. He came up to me and said, 'I'm so sorry. I've never seen this happen before'. It made me feel so awful."

Josh Gad learned quickly that horses can have off-days too and sometimes don't cooperate as they should! He has since decided that he won't take any more scripts that involve riding horses...

"Ironically my horse's name was Buddy. He was nobody's buddy. I told my agents to never send me a script with a horse in it!"

But we think that Gad may be a horseman in the making as soon as he learns that horses have minds of their own!

Have you seen "Beauty in the Beast"? Tell us what you thought of Gad riding horses in the comments below!

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Josh Gad Had a Rough Time Riding His Horse on the Set of "Beauty and the Beast"