Jon Stewart Adopts Horse Shot with Paintballs

Posted by Amber King

Jon Stewart gives "paintball pony" a second chance at life.

Back in March, "paintball pony" was found abandoned at a sales stable in a small Pennsylvania town. She was emaciated, nearly blind, and covered in over 120 paintball splatters shot at close range.

Today, that same horse, now named Lily, has been adopted by the former "Daily Show" host, Jon Stewart, and his wife, Tracey.

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York Dispatch

New Holland Sales Stables already had a questionable reputation for being a hub for animal abuse. When Lily was found abandoned in a stall extremely malnourished and obviously abused, legal action was taken.

The New Holland Police Department and the SPCA worked together to convict a Rhode Island man with three counts of animal cruelty along with other charges.

Lancaster Online
Lancaster Online

Lily has spent the last several months being cared for by the Lancaster County SPCA at the Omega Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation Center in Airville, York County. She needed extensive medical attention and underwent surgery to remove her injured eye.

Director of the Omega Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation Center, Kelly Smith, is optimistic that she will make a full recovery--especially in the care of animal rights advocates, Jon and Tracey Stewart.

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Farm Sanctuary

Jon Stewart isn't shy when it comes to expressing his opinions, and he often used the "Daily Show" to express his views on animal welfare. The Stewarts are preparing to welcome Lily to their 12-acre rescue facility after a press conference at 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Lily will join other rescue animals and live the remainder of her life with people that are truly invested in her well-being.

Jon Stewart may be retired from the lime light, but fans are pleased to see that this ex "Daily Show" host has a heart big enough to match his sizable on-screen personality.

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Jon Stewart Adopts Horse Shot with Paintballs