Joined in Meow-trimony: This Neighborhood Hosted the Best Cat Wedding

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After receiving a surprise invitation in the mail, neighbors worked together to plan the wedding of the year.

Ashley Shields didn't know it, but her cat, Pedro, was apparently in love. According to her 11-year-old neighbor, Brady, Pedro and his cat, Silver, were ready to take the next step in their relationship. Brady had everything planned out and surprised Shields by placing a handwritten wedding invitation in her mailbox.

cat wedding invitiation

The note promised tuna cake and encouraged guests to dress nicely for the formal occasion. With only a few days before the ceremony, Shields enlisted help from her friends and four daughters to start planning for the big day.

The whole neighborhood knew that Silver and Pedro liked to hang out, but it was Brady who guessed at exactly how serious the cat couple was. Carley Johnson, a friend of Shields', told The Dodo:

"He'd seen them hang out a lot, and he was like, 'I'm not really sure what they're doing, but I felt that since they hang out so much, it was probably time they got married."

Brady's logic seemed flawless, and everyone pitched in to make the wedding a memorable occasion. Shields and her daughters turned their living room into the perfect venue, and Johnson got busy baking cakes for both human guests and the cats. A family friend even made a custom bow tie for the groom and a veil for the bride.

cat wearing veil

When the big day finally arrived, guests gathered around to join in on the celebration. Dressed in her veil with her long fur nicely brushed, Silver reveled in the attention of being a bride. But in the groom's suite, Pedro was having second thoughts. Johnson said;

"He got cold feet in the beginning, and we had to kind of give them their tuna cakes early so they would stay in place for the vows."

Shields, who has a legal license to officiate weddings in Iowa, presided over the ceremony. She told the story of how the cats first met and how their feelings for each other grew. Next up were the "me-vows" that Shields had written for both Pedro and Silver. When she was finished, the cats were officially Mr. and Mrs.

cat wedding

When the ceremony was over, it was time to party at the reception. Silver and Pedro relaxed in apparent wedded bliss as their guests drank champagne and ate cake.

With the big day behind them, Silver and Pedro have started their lives as a married couple. Johnson said;

"Whether or not they stay married, they do seem rather crazy for each other considering the time they spend together. I think cat friendship lasts forever."

What do you think about Silver and Pedro's big day? Let us know in the comments.

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Joined in Meow-trimony: This Neighborhood Hosted the Best Cat Wedding