Join These Dogs in Celebrating National Dog Day!

Posted by Stacey Venzel

On August 26, we hope you'll join these pups in honoring all things canine.

The month of August is filled with memorable national and international holidays glorifying house pets. Cats have days aplenty dedicated to them this month, but the first of August kicked off with a day for the dogs, aptly dubbing these 31 days as part of Dogust.

Naturally, National Dog Day falls under the month of Dogust. The celebration is blind to breed specific discrimination, instead saluting pooches of every shape, size, color, coat, temperament and breed.

In case you're in need of some ideas for how to kick off your morning or end your night on August 26, these canines helped us come up with a few suggestions.

Grab the kids...

Pack a picnic lunch...

And head to the park...

Or maybe the beach.

Call all your friends...

For a game of fetch...

We're the four best friends that anyone could have.

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Or a snuggle sesh.

Feel the wind in your hair...

On your way for some ice cream.

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Stop and watch the sunset...

Before calling it a night in.

And remember to smile all day long.

Really, who wouldn't want an excuse to lather man's best friend with extra TLC?

Be sure to celebrate your pooch--and your friends' and co-workers' canines--on National Dog Day!

Show us your pup in the comments below!

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Join These Dogs in Celebrating National Dog Day!