Johnny Depp Saved the Life of a One-Eyed Horse

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Did you know Johnny Depp adopted a one-eyed horse from one of this movie sets?

Although his confusing accent would suggest otherwise, Johnny Depp hails from Kentucky, which means he must be a Derby fan, which means he must love horses.

It shouldn't be too surprising, then, to learn that the actor has been involved with many horses on set. He rode horseback in "Sleepy Hollow," "Dead Man," "The Man Who Cried" and "Lone Ranger." In fact, most of Depp's riding scenes are actually him, not a stuntman.

IMBD/Sleepy Hollow

But the horse actor in "Sleepy Hollow" is the one who stole Depp's country-lovin' heart. Named Gunpowder in the film, Ichabod Crane's stallion is actually called Goldeneye off-stage. The name is fitting, too, considering the horse has only one eye.

The equine and actor met in 1999. Goldeneye was reportedly going to be put down after the filming, though the reasoning remains unclear. Regardless, Depp stepped in to save the horse from an untimely end.

Depp is known to have a big heart and takes care of those whom he loves. Including Goldeneye!

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Johnny Depp Saved the Life of a One-Eyed Horse