The Javanese Cat is Known as The Oriental Longhair

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If you're looking to add a new cat who doesn't take up too much room to your home, this small cat breed may be right for you. This domestic cat breed may grow a bit as they reach adulthood, but they'll stay small, topping out at only nine pounds or so.

The Javanese cat is a great choice for families, but has high energy levels, meaning they'll need plenty of playtime. When choosing a new cat for your family, make sure that you can meet the breed's needs and that the individual cat you choose is also a good fit for your family. When you choose well, you'll have a petite, loving cat who fits in well with your family and your lifestyle.

CatTime details this breed's history:

"The Javanese is a longhaired variety of Siamese dressed in Colorpoint colors. He was developed from a foundation of Siamese, Colorpoint and Balinese cats. The cats do not actually come from Java but were whimsically given the name because Java is a sister island to Bali. "

The Javanese cat is tiny!

According to Vet Street, adult Javanese cats typically weigh between five and nine pounds. This beautiful breed has a medium-length coat and fluffy tail, often referred to as European Longhairs.

The Javanese is smart, active, and constantly interested in what you're doing. These cats love to spend time with people and will happily follow you around the house for hours on end.

Coat color

VetStreet also tells us that the Javanese coat has solid points in red or cream; lynx points in seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, red, chocolate-tortie, blue-cream, lilac-cream and seal-tortie; or tortoiseshell points in seal or chocolate. His coat doesn't shed much either!

Javanese cats are high-energy felines!

Siamese and Javanese cats are identical when it comes to their personalities. They will constantly follow you around the house and help supervise when you're busy doing house chores. They are opinionated, highly intelligent, and will tell you all about how they feel when guests arrive.

Who's purring now?

What about health problems? They share several that many purebred cats have but mainly the Siamese.

  • Amyloidosis
  • Congenital heart defects such as aortic stenosis
  • Gastrointestinal conditions such as megaesophagus
  • Lymphoma
  • Progressive retinal atrophy

This chatty Javanese breed needs a cat tree to satisfy their playfulness and cat lovers should take them for walks on a cat harness.

If you need a resource for Javanese kittens for this Balinese breed you should contact the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA).

Do you know anyone that has a Javanese cat? Please let us know in the comments.  

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The Javanese Cat is Known as The Oriental Longhair