Japanese Cat Cafe Company Jokes About Buying an Island But Now It's a Reality

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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When a company joked about creating a cat island, they never imagined that they would end up actually planning the project. 

Have you ever made an April Fool's joke, only to have it come true? That's just what happened to Japanese animal welfare organization, Neco Republic. The organization, which runs numerous cat cafes in Japan, announced that it would be buying an island to create a habitat in which cats enjoyed a higher social tier than humans. It would basically be a land in which cats would rule the world. Neco Republic made the announcement on April Fool's Day, intending it to be a joke.

It turns out that the joke's on them. So many people responded positively to the idea and took the "joke" seriously that now the organization is considering buying an island to create the cat paradise.

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The idea for this cat paradise isn't just to set cats loose on an island. There's more structure to it, and the organization wants to design a situation where the cats have daily contact with humans and receive the medical and health care that they'll need.

Neco Republic isn't sure how much of its original April Fool's joke plan is realistically feasible, but has announced some plans for the cat community. The envisioned island would incorporate outdoor cat gardens, shelters for stray cats, and hospices to house cats with serious medical issues like feline leukemia. The unofficial plan even incorporates health insurance and a public pension system, just for the cats.

The organization plans to fundraise the $200 million that the project is expected to cost. Donors will be eligible for perks such as naming rights to the island, log cabin residences on the island, and even permanent resident statuses. Fundraising hasn't formally begun, and interested donors are being asked to follow the project by registering for updates through the project's Kibidango page. Once 10,000 people have subscribed, the organization will begin a crowdfunding project.

Could the cat island paradise become a reality? Only time will tell.

Would you visit cat island? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Japanese Cat Cafe Company Jokes About Buying an Island But Now It's a Reality