Jake Nearly Died in a Fire as a Puppy, But Is Now a Firefighter Himself

Posted by Paige Cerulli

The heroic acts of a firefighter paid off big time when the puppy he rescued went on to fight fires himself. 

Sometimes we're just meant to meet our pets. That's the case with Bill and Jake. Bill, a firefighter, rescued Jake from a fire, who was a three-week-old puppy at the time. The pup had burns all over his body and his life was at risk. His owners were nowhere to be found.

Luckily for Jake, Bill took things into his own hands, adopting the puppy and making sure that he got the medical care he needed. Bill brought Jake to the firehouse since he needed to give the puppy antibiotics on a frequent schedule. As Jake grew stronger, he was designated an honorary firefighter and is now the fire house's official mascot.

For a dog who went through so much, Jake remains friendly and seems to enjoy life. He has his own vest and badge, which he wears proudly, and he provides emotional support to all of the firefighters when they get back to the station after a call.

It's well known that dogs can truly change lives through their work as service and therapy animals. While Jake isn't a designated therapy dog, he provides plenty of stress relief and emotional support when he's at the station. Workplaces are catching onto the benefits that therapy dogs can provide, and some businesses are even allowing dogs in the office or are bringing in therapy dogs to benefit their employees.

Dogs can help to relieve stress, lift spirits, and bring a bit of humor into our lives when we need it the most. In Jake's case, he is a reminder of the great work that firefighters do every day to save lives.

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Jake Nearly Died in a Fire as a Puppy, But Is Now a Firefighter Himself