Jail Break: More than 100 Cows Break Out of Wisconsin Prison Farm

Posted by Amber King

Wisconsin law enforcement had a different kind of prison escape to deal with last week.

Fox Lake Prison Farm sits about a mile down the road from Fox Lake Correctional Institution in Wisconsin. The 112-acre farm is home to a herd of about 300 cows, but the number of penned bovines was significantly less this past Thursday.

A call came into the Dodge County Sheriff's Office around 8:30 p.m. reporting that there were about 25 cows loose on a nearby road. Five minutes later, the station received a second call about a different group of escaped bovines. Callers reported that the cows had cropped tails, but they weren't sure who they belonged to or where they came from. While the callers worked to keep the cows off the highway, inmates from Fox Lake Correctional Institute were on their way to retrieve the escapees.

two cows in pasture

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections Public Affairs Office later reported that a total of 110 cows managed to escape their pens and wander down the road. It took inmates 90 minutes to locate all the cows in the dark and get the herd back where it belonged.

Fox Lake Correctional Institution
Fox Lake Correctional Institution/Lacrosse Tribune

After all the cows were present and accounted for, DOC staff added a padlock to the pen to keep the incident from happening again. Prison representatives aren't sure if it was human error that led to the jail break or if the cows are actually mastermind escape artists.

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Jail Break: More than 100 Cows Break Out of Wisconsin Prison Farm