Jagermeister the Jack Russell Terrier Rescued After Three Hours at Sea

Posted by Tori Holmes

After falling overboard from his family's boat, Jagermeister the Jack Russell Terrier was stranded in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico for nearly three hours.

It was a scary day for Jagermeister who fell overboard his family's boat when his owner went below deck. When he returned and realized Jagermeister was gone, he immediately called the coast guard.

Unfortunately, the water was choppy and after a long and unsuccessful search, Jagermeister's family feared the worst. That is until they got the call nearly three hours later telling them that their pup had been found safe and sound.


Two couples celebrating birthdays spotted Jagermeister in the water nearly five miles off the shores of Hernando Beach. Being so far out into the water, at first, they didn't realize what they were seeing.

As their boat drew closer, they could see Jagermeister's little nose poking up above the water and were able to pull him to safety. A quick call to the coast guard told them that the little dog they had just rescued had been reported lost at sea nearly three hours earlier.

With tears of joy, Jagermeister's family was reunited with the pup they thought was gone for good. Thankfully they had put on Jagermeister's doggy life vest or this story could have had a much different ending.

All images via Sky News.

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Jagermeister the Jack Russell Terrier Rescued After Three Hours at Sea