Jack-Jack the Overweight Donkey Gets Stuck on His Back and Needs a Hand, Please

Posted by Mateja Lane

I guess this isn't the first time Jack-Jack has needed a hand getting back to his feet. 

Jack-Jack is a donkey who has a little more around the middle than most donkeys. But that extra weight doesn't keep him from being his spritely self.

After seeing his horse pal roll around on his back he decides it looks like a good idea.

That did look like a gratifying back scratch though, didn't it?

Once Jack-Jack is on his back-back he rolls around, thoroughly enjoying getting those hard-to-itch spots. But then he can't get up.

He kicks up his legs in an attempt to roll over but he is stuck like a turtle on his back. Meanwhile, his horse "friend" trots off and doesn't try to help; he's looking for other ways to get his donkey pasture-mate in trouble.

It takes his owner rushing out into the field to give him a little push for Jack-Jack to get back on his feet again. His owner said it best in her YouTube description:

Jack-Jack hangs out with horses, is a bit overweight and sometimes needs a hand rolling over.