Izzy and Zoe Are the Cats You Should Be Following on Instagram

Posted by Amber King
All images via Instagram/Izzy and the Fluff

If your Instagram feed is in need of some fuzz and fur, Izzy and Zoe are your solution.

It sometimes seems like the Internet was invented to showcase the unique personalities and quirks of our feline friends, and if that's the case, Instagram was made for Izzy and Zoe.

The Instagram fame of these two British shorthair mixes has been causing hearts to melt all around the world.

Izzy and Zoe were adopted by their mom, Joane Smienk, back in September. When Joane went to adopt a new kitten, her eyes were instantly drawn to Zoe.

Zoe is an affectionate cat who wears her heart on her chest, literally.

"When I first met Zoe, I immediately saw the heart on her chest and was very surprised to find out that no one had noticed it before. I melted instantly, of course,"

Joane said in an interview for The Dodo.

Joane couldn't bear to separate Zoe from her sister and partner in crime, Izzy, so she went home that day with not one, but two future Internet superstars.

The lives of Izzy and Zoe are documented on their very own Instagram account, and the pair now has over 6,800 followers.

They love to lounge in luxury;

Wear adorable bows;

To all our fellow Dutchies: Happy Kingsday!???????? #kingsday #koningsdag

A photo posted by Izzy & Zoë (The Fluff) (@izzyandthefluff) on

Play with toys;

????I'll never let go. Neverrr!

A photo posted by Izzy & Zoë (The Fluff) (@izzyandthefluff) on

And Zoe even aspires to be a Care Bear when she grows up.

Zoe may attract most of the attention with her unique markings, but when the camera isn't around, she's shy and usually prefers to spend time by herself. It's her sister, Izzy, that loves the lime light. Even with their different personalities, the two cats are an inseparable pair.

There's no such thing as too much fluff in an Instagram feed, and the fuzzy feline faces of Izzy and Zoe will be sure to brighten your day.

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Izzy and Zoe Are the Cats You Should Be Following on Instagram