It's Summer, and This Little Terrier is Beyond Excited to Get in the Pool

Posted by Krissy Howard

The hot summer temps are likely getting to most of us by now, but a little Terrier by the name of Christy can't wait to beat the heat by jumping straight into the pool. 

There's no skirting around it -- it's hot out there, and people from coast to coast are looking for ways to beat the heat in a number of ways.

One little West Highland Terrier named Christy has a particularly preferred method, which involves the fun of simply bolting out the back door and jumping headfirst right into the pool.

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Take a look as the practically flies off the patio and into that cool, blue water, where she swims in circles to her heart's content.

While responsible pet ownership is a job that requires work 365 days a year, it's especially important to keep our pets cool in the summer months, paying special attention if they're older, overweight, or have shorter snouts, which makes the intake of air a bit harder than it would be for their long-nosed counterparts.

Easy solutions to keep in mind include shortening walks when you notice your pup is out of breath (or taking a break in the shade if you've wandered far,) keeping water on hand at all times, tying a wet bandana around their neck when going for a long hike, and above all else, keeping them out of hot cars.

If you're going to allow your four-legged friend a dip, be sure to supervise them at all times, and keep these additional pool safety tips in mind to make for a cool summer!

How does your dog like to keep cool in the summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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It's Summer, and This Little Terrier is Beyond Excited to Get in the Pool