It's Britain's Election Day, #DogsatPollingStations Are Cheering Voters On

Posted by Stacey Venzel
dogs at polling stations

Who will the next Pup Minister be?

June 8 is Britain's Election Day for Prime Minister, but it's not just two-legged animals hitting the polls.

Canines are frequenting the voting boxes, too, and Twitter is aflutter with it.

While the British bite their nails in anticipation, dogs are helping to calm their nerves--and entertain many of us from afar.

The hashtag #DogsAtPollingStations has taken the Internet by storm, vying to edge out pets and their #covfefe tweets.

Weiner dogs are reminding citizens not to be weiners:

Dogs are writing in their own votes:

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Seriously those biscuits:

They're showing up rain or shine:

They're getting vocal about their political party of choice:

Well, some are a little tight-lipped:

They're sporting their country pride:

They're hand-delivering their ballots:

Putting it right in the box where it belongs:

They're arriving in all shapes and sizes:

And showing up real classy:

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Cats are doing their fair share of work, too:

Even guinea pigs are making sure their squeaks are heard:

And there's a horse, of course:

The Dogs Trust even teamed up with Twitter to create an appropriate new emoji pairing a Scottish Terrier with a British flag jacket.

While some dogs are being left tied up outside at the polls, it's advised to bring an extra human along to keep an eye on the pupper (or cavy or equine) while votes are cast.

Has your pet visited the polling stations? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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It's Britain's Election Day, #DogsatPollingStations Are Cheering Voters On