It's Bath Time for This Baby Goat and He's Not Having Any of It

Posted by TF Oren
wet baby goat

This little kid is getting his very first bath and he's none too pleased about it. 

He takes absolutely every opportunity available to let everyone know it. After all, what's bath time without at least a little protesting?

If there were a suggestion box, it'd be stuffed with, well, we'll let your imagination run with that one.

Watch this grumpy little guy complain his way through his bath:

We hear ya, pal. But...tough luck. Dirty babies need their baths.

Plus, pet hygiene is really important for their health. Horses need farriers, dogs need to be brushed and their ears cleaned, cats need their nails trimmed, cages and aquariums need to be cleaned.


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What do you think of this little guy's bath time complaints? Let us know in the comments section! 

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It's Bath Time for This Baby Goat and He's Not Having Any of It