It's Bath Time for Raja the Ferret!

Posted by TF Oren

You can be having the worst day, and then you see a cute animal getting a bath and suddenly, all is right with the world again.

Rest easy. Raja the ferret is here to help. It's Raja's first day at home, and lucky for us, her human has decided that bath time is first on the agenda.

Raja is no plain Jane. She's a fancy girl who likes her bubble baths. And no bubble bath is complete without a lap or two around the tub.

Watch this bubbly girl in action:

There's no doubt that Raja is enjoying every minute of her watery fun. She gets a good scratch from her human and checks up on the world outside the tub before she gets back to the business of bath time.

Raja is flying solo in the tub, but she's not alone. Her pal Buttons, who's a little less enthusiastic about bath time, is right outside the tub keeping an eye on things. It's probably a good thing they're not both in the tub. That might be a little too much cute for one short video.

She may be pint-sized, but this little girl is making a big splash on the Internet. Share this bath time fun with anyone and everyone who needs an "awwwwww!" moment.

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It's Bath Time for Raja the Ferret!