This Is What Pizza Hut Would Be Like If Its Best Employee Was a Cat

Posted by TF Oren
cat at pizza hut

Why would you use cats in a pizza commercial?

A better question is: why wouldn't you use the Internet's favorite species to help sell pizzas (or pretty much anything, for that matter)?

Or so thought the brains behind this Japanese Pizza Hut commercial featuring hardworking employee, Shinjin the cat.

In the commercial, Shinjin dons his Pizza Hut uniform and faces off against a mountain of coupons to help the pizza giant promote a 22% discount.

Check it out here:

This new commercial is the latest installment of the Pizza Cats ad series from Pizza Hut Japan. The company first introduced Pizza Cats in 2014. The current promotion is only available to customers in Japan.

If you're handy with Japanese, you can follow Shinjin and Pizza Hut's other 'za-slinging cats on the Pizza Cat website.

What do you think of this creative ad campaign? Let us know in the comments section below!

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