Italian Photographer's New Project Features Chicken Glam Portraits

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All photos via Dan Bannino/Instagram

"Chic Chicks" debut with Italian-born photographer Dan Bannino.

Hailing from Italy, Dan Bannino is touring Europe and the U.S. with his art gallery, which includes a recent stream of coiffed chickens posing for the camera.

Bannino traveled to Padua, Italy to capture the images. There, he met with Andrea Pozzato, Italy's top dog--or top chicken--in pedigreed poultry.

Pozzato breeds Paduan chickens, striving for them to be the country's next profitable export.

Hanging out with a bunch of chicks, after a long shooting session. That's a wrap, happy #weekend!

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In the fowl photos, Bannino employs the use of light and dark, plus colored, filters that capture each feathered subject's prominent tufts.

With the help of Pozzato, the photographer constructed a table with a grey background inside the barn. It is here that the chickens stand patiently poised, awaiting the snap of the camera lens.

The artist, though he doesn't liken himself to such a title, has high aspirations for the "Chic Chicks" project. He says:

"The aim of this series is to turn the audience's attention over unusual themes. In this case, chickens had been "hired" as models, underlining their beauty and showing the contrast between their exploitation and their extreme elegance. These creatures, too often mistreated, had been at the service of humankind for centuries, yet not so many of us sees them as something different from food."

Watch out! #chicchicks are coming ????

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Many might scoff at Bannino's intentions or that of the recent documentary "Chicken People." Both projects showcase the natural beauty of chickens while simultaneously countering the viewpoint that poultry is just a term for plucked food on a plate.

But most people understand that chickens are more than just farm friends. They are family members, deserving of a place at the dinner table, not on it.

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Italian Photographer's New Project Features Chicken Glam Portraits