Italian Coastguards Give Drowning Kitten CPR and Save Another Life

Posted by Mateja Lane

The Italian coastguard was alerted to a drowning victim unlike most other calls. 

Port authorities in Marsala, Italy recently called the coastguard to save a different species of drowning victim: a kitten.

The coastguard on the Italian coast arrived and an officer dove right into the Mediterranean to help the lifeless kitten.

The officer brought the kitten on board and proceeded to resuscitate the little guy by giving him mouth-to-mouth and pumping his chest. Incredibly, that's when the faint meows started coming.

The kitten slowly began to get its breath back and, after visiting the vet to make sure he was healthy, was taken back to the Italian port. The employees decided the little kitten could stay and be the resident port cat. He was named Charlie.

The Italian coastguard have had a busy summer with the amount of refugees heading into the Mediterranean. This story is another example of how they save lives every day, no matter who, or what, you are.

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